Multilayer PCBs

In combination with HDI technology, processing techniques such as microvias, blind vias and buried vias, fascinating new possibilities for innovative customer solutions arise.
General information

Manufacturing Capabilities

At ANDUS ELECTRONIC we offer high quality PCBs and service from one source. You can send us your data and receive directly a non-binding offer! With over 50 years of experience in PCB manufacturing in Germany, we are able to meet all customer requirements.

The table shows you a selection of possibilities with the different materials, technologies and tolerances we provide. Of course we always respond to your special requests, just contact us!

Materials, technologies and tolerances

Maximum dimensions
Number of layers
1 - 40 layers
Prototypes till Serial production
Minimum drill diameter
Copper Thickness
9µm - 3mm
Appointment Options
2 - 15 working days
Chem. Ni/Au , HAL lead-free , HAL SnPb, Chem. Silver , Galvanic Ni/Au, ENEPIG

For a complete list of our flex PCB fabrication capabilities, please refer to our capabilities section.

Further information

Possible Applications

The application possibilities of multilayer printed circuit boards are almost unlimited. Projects in which we were allowed to support our customers in the last 50 years were for example:

Important for us and for you

Quality assurance

At ANDUS Electronic you receive printed circuit boards in best industrial quality of course directly from the PCB manufacturer.


ANDUS manufactures all printed circuit boards according to the guidelines IPC-A-6012/6013 as standard in the following classes:

IPC Class 2

Electronics with increased reliability requirements

Dedicated Service Electronic Products

This includes products where continued operation and extended life are required, and where uninterrupted service is desired but not required.

IPC Class 3

Electronics with highest reliability requirements

High Performance / Harsh Environment Electronic Products

This includes all products for which continuous performance or the provision of performance on demand is indispensable. Downtime cannot be tolerated. The environmental conditions when using the end product can be unusually harsh, the product must function when required.

For this purpose we carry out the following tests:

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