Leiterplatten - Datenformate


Basic Rules and Tipps

Due to the separation of PCB development from manufacturing, communication between the two areas takes on a key role. The transfer of correct and complete data can make work easier for the PCB manufacturer – and save the customer time and money.

In order to then have the PCB produced, all relevant informations must be transmitted to the manufacturer. And this is often where the first problem arises for employees in the work preparation or CAM department. Since there is no DIN standard for PCB data, there may be queries during import.

If you follow the following 9 basic rules and tips for the common PCB layout programs as well as the data export, you can produce and/or export clean PCB data and thus avoid queries.

1 Documentation Structure, overview, readme.txt, PDF
Extended Gerber, ODB++ , DPF
Drilling data (if not ODB++)
Tool allocation in the files
Aspect Ratio
Residual Rings
sufficient despite drilling allowance?
Insulation on inner layers
Line thicknesses
closed contours
Solder mask
documented, feasible? (e.g. sufficient distance for plug-in gold)

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We accept LP data in the following formats: Gerber-X, Gerber2, DPF, ODB++

ODB ++

ODB++ is a format for data exchange between CAD, CAM and assembly in the development and manufacture of electronic devices. Compared to the Gerber format it is a quite new data format, which helps to avoid many errors and misinterpretation of data especially in PCB manufacturing.

DPF Datenformat

Ucamco also holds the rights to the Gerber format and has further developed this to Gerber X2 / Gerber X3. The DPF data format contains the design of the PCB layers (such as trace, solder pads, vias, etc.) as well as additional information, e.g.
  • netlists
  • embedded aperture definitions
  • inverted display
  • contour apertures
  • block apertures for creating repeating objects

Gerber Daten

The Extended Gerber (RS-274X) or Gerber X2 format is today’s standard in PCB production.

All common CAD programs allow an export of the design in Extended Gerber format, and all common CAM programs of the PCB manufacturers allow an import.

If you have any further questions regarding PCB data formats, please feel free to contact our CAM staff member Mrs. Freiberg:

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