The ideal solution for flexible and reliable FPCs up to 5 meters length.


Advantages of Ultra-Long FPCs

Ultra-long FPCs from Berlin


When it comes to pushing the boundaries of printed circuit board (PCB) technology, look no further than our ultra long flexible printed circuits (FPCs). These remarkable boards are designed to meet the unique demands of complex applications in aerospace, research, and development, offering features that set them apart in the world of PCB manufacturing.

Seamless Lengths up to 5 Meters: One of the standout features of our ultra long FPCs is their extraordinary length. With the ability to create a single piece of up to 5 meters without the need for division into shares or folding, these boards are ideal for projects that demand extended and uninterrupted FPCs. This eliminates the need for additional connectors, reducing the risk of signal degradation and increasing the overall reliability of your electronic systems.

Up to 4 Electrical Layers: Our ultra long FPCs are not just about length; they also offer versatility. With the capacity for up to 4 electrical layers, these boards can handle complex and multifaceted circuit designs, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re working on aerospace systems or cutting-edge research projects, these FPCs provide the flexibility you need.

Temperature Stability up to 150°C: Temperature stability is a critical factor in many applications, especially within aerospace and research and development. Our ultra long FPCs are engineered to withstand high temperatures, boasting stability up to 150°C. This level of resilience ensures your circuits remain functional and reliable even in extreme thermal conditions.

High Reliability for Complex Applications: The unparalleled reliability of our ultra long FPCs are a key benefit, particularly for complex applications in aerospace and research and development. These FPCs are meticulously manufactured to meet the stringent requirements of these industries.

Areas of application

Satellite communication

FPCs are at the heart of satellite communication systems. They enable the transmission and reception of signals with unparalleled precision and reliability, ensuring uninterrupted global communication.

Sensor data in wings

In the aerospace industry, FPCs are essential for capturing and processing sensor data in aircraft wings. Our high-performance FPCs enable real-time monitoring of critical parameters, enhancing safety and operational efficiency.

Catheter imaging techniques

Our advanced FPCs are instrumental in medical catheters used for imaging and diagnosis. They enable high-resolution imaging, providing medical professionals with clear and detailed visuals to guide minimally invasive procedures.


Layer Options:
Single sided, Double sided, 4 layers, Split layers
Coating options
Continous coverlay, Coverlay openings, Adhesive-backes
Maximum length
Maximum width
Copper heights
18 μm, 35 μm, 70 μm
Base material
Polyimide substrate for maximum operation temperature up to 150°C (other material on request)
Polyimide with high temperature adhesive for operation temperature up to 130°C


For detailed planning, ANDUS is pleased to offer simulations, design recommendations, and layout services.

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