PCB Assembly

Do you need an assembled printed circuit board? No problem for us!

General Informations

Manufacturing capabilities

Together with our longtime German partners, we can offer you the assembly of your PCB on request.

To enable us to process your request for a production order quickly and efficiently, we require the following information from you:

  • Information on the number of pieces and delivery time (lot sizes for call-off orders)
  • Summed bill of materials with exact package specification per component type
  • Assembly plans
  • Information about manufacturing specifications (if given)

If we should also take over the material purchase, please give us the extended component specifications (manufacturer/article number)

Why should you ask ANDUS for your printed circuit board assembly?

  • extremely short delivery times
  • SMD, conventional and mixed assembly is possible
  • Single and double sided SMD and conventional placement
  • Manual and automatic assembly
  • Lot size from 1 piece, prototyping and series production
  • Single or multi-piece assembly
    assembly of electromechanical components
  • Testing according to your specifications
  • We take over the procurement of the components (if desired)
  • You receive everything from one source

Further Informations